At Regenerative & Restorative Health Center, we understand that modern lifestyles can take a toll on our bodies, leaving us feeling fatigued, depleted, and in need of a revitalizing boost. That’s why we have carefully crafted a range of specialized IV therapies designed to address your unique needs and restore your vitality.

Whether you’re seeking a natural energy boost, looking to improve your immune system, recover from an intense workout, combat the effects of aging, or simply rejuvenate your body and mind, Regenerative & Restorative Health Center has the perfect solution for you. Our customized IV drips are tailored to meet your specific needs, offering a range of options including hydration therapy, immune support, detoxification, beauty and anti-aging treatments, athletic performance enhancement, and much more.

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Name Benefits
Regenalyn A potent formulation rich in nutrients like silver, glutathione, amino acids, and peptides such as BPC 157
Travelers Immune support while travelling or returning from travelling
Viral Recovery Defense against all major viruses
Super Immune Boosts immunity and overall wellness with the addition of glutathione
Myers Cocktail Basic nutrients
Mega Myers Added nutrients to our Myers cocktail
Allergic Rhinitis For runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing, and sinus pressure due to an allergic reaction, not a virus
Asthma Asthma relief
Migraine Migraine relief
Pre Party Booster Boosts your system to help you party all night
Post Party Recovery To wake your body up after a night of partying
Hangover Plus Recover from symptoms of hangover
Pre Athletic Endurance Cellular support prior to an event
Post Athletic Recovery Post-event recovery
Pre-surgery care Cellular support prior to surgery
Post-surgery care Cellular and tissue support after surgery for faster healing
NAD+ Anti-aging, Detox, PTSD/Depression, Brain health
Toxin Eliminator Contains acetylcysteine and glutathione to help remove toxins while supporting liver and kidney function
Patient is required to be established with a doctor for:
Mitochondrial Support
Major Autohemotherapy (Ozone Infusion)
Heavy Metal Chelation
High Dose Vitamin C