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Find these services – and more – tailored to your personal health needs.

Our comprehensive regenerative healthcare approach to treating your ailment includes assessing your diet, lifestyle, and health conditions. Whether you are in need of pain relief, rejuvenation treatments, hormone balance treatment, or just suffering from general health issues, we will find the right treatment that’s perfect for you.​

We know that your lifestyle goes a long way in determining your mental and physical wholeness, even during medication. That’s why our approach addresses these factors before and during the treatment so that you can stay in your best condition!

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R & R Health Center provides our clients with healthcare solutions tailored to every step of their healing process.


To impact our community's health and wellness through the healing power of the collective mind found practicing at every one of our centers.

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Dr.Myleen and her staff are amazing and caring. Last year I saw Dr Myleen for digestive issues that for years no one could figure out. After a month of tests it was determined I had ulcerative colitis. She immediately had me on a regimen. Since seeing Dr Myleen I have minor flare up where in the past I would have them monthly and for long periods of time

Jennifer W.

If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about healing you from the inside out, then look no further! Dr. Simone cares for her patients, takes the time to listen and develops a custom plan to help you get back on track to wellness. Personally she helped me with some of my issues (gut health, cholesterol and weight loss) and I feel so much better! With the right natural supplements, diet and treatment plan you will feel better!!! So happy I found Dr. Simone!

Cheree H.

Dr. Simone is AMAZING!!! I was struggling mostly with hypothyroidism; other internal medicine physicians, primary care physicians, and NMD's never looked as in depth as Dr. Simone did. She helped me go from feeling 40% myself, to 100% - the best I've felt in years!!! Her knowledge is beyond what I've experienced with anyone else and she is honest, thorough, and goes above and beyond for all her patients (I have friends that see her, as well). Highly recommend!

Melanie Z.

One of the best doctors that I have seen. She was able to find issues that no one else did. I am well on my way to recovery. I am no longer pre diabetic and my thyroid is under control. If you need help with you health you need to call Dr. Simone. She travels to you if you need that help. She is amazing. I refer anyone with a health concerns.

Nan G.

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